About Me

I love this world and all that it challenges in me.  I started taking photos when my father sent me to England with his Canon AE-1 and a basic crash course on SLR photography, I was hooked.  All of the sudden realized that I wanted the world to see the world the way I did, or at least make them think about it a bit differently.

What started as a hobby has grown, from capturing landscape images and the journalistic styling that comes from travel photography to people wanting me to document their own lives.  From families, babies to seniors, and weddings, they all have their place of needing to be documented and I want to do that for you.  Sure we can pose shots and make you look good but I want to blend into your day a bit and capture those elemental moments you don’t even realize you are missing.

I am based here in the St. Louis area and if that is something that you think you want to be apart of, shoot me an email and we can talk about your vision.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Heather. Your pictures are priceless. I worked in the ICU with Kamin. I never knew you were into photography. I would love to have you do some pictures of my kids. It would have to be March or April.


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